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Dear Listener,

I'm offering exclusive material to subscribers that will not be released in any other way, as well as material that might be later on released for the public. There's also a certain amount of old stuff i have never released which will be selectively released to subscribers.

I'm also thinking of including other material that would be interesting to listen to, like collections of loops i have been working on, remixes of existing tracks, bootlegs or else. I'm especially keen on trying the loops concept as i myself like to listen to them a lot once i get a good one going. Just to be clear, these loops are not production material for you, it's only for listening. It's pre-production material for my forthcoming solo works. "Rakka" album was mostly made with such loops.

I will want to continue with "no fillers" mentality that i have always tried to adhere to my productions, but at the same time open a door to and share parts of the process and even failures in my productions.

If you ever only listened to Luomo material then i think this will not be for you. The material will be mainly Vladislav Delay kind of stuff but there will be other more rhythmic things happening as well.

The subscription costs 10€ or more per month and includes all my back catalogue as Vladislav Delay plus all the new works that i'm releasing on Bandcamp in the future. Additionally, and maybe more interestingly, there will be new material i release monthly exclusively to subscribers.

i know this is a substantial amount of money in the long run and i'm going to do give it a real effort to make it worth your while. Obviously you can vote with your money or otherwise tell me if there's something missing or you wish something to be changed, added, etc. I hope you join sincerely and at least hang around for a moment and see if it's your thing.

I hope this all sounds good to you as a listener. it'd be great to establish a way i could keep on producing music while making the ends meet, and you could keep enjoying a wider range of my productions. Your support is greatly and truly appreciated. Let's make this happen!

Sasu Ripatti


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