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Untitled Loops, Take 1

by Vladislav Delay

subscriber exclusive


Dear Listener,

I mentioned in the beginning when i started the subs that it might include some loops and pre-production material as well. That time has come.

Earlier in the year I was doing a self-study in loops and trying to find something new in the process. I guess after having been working on the material that's still to be released in the far future (new VD album will be released autumn 2021, I posted few tracks here already) i needed to start looking for a new approach again, felt i had reached some sort of momentary wall regarding how far i can and want to push audio processing and composition.

So as every so often i decided to go backwards... using loops and very minimal approach, old school stuff, maybe even little techno-like. For the gear-interested it's all done on a small Mackie desktop mixer and few pedals and loopers, basically what i'd use to play live.

So far, this has been only a conceptual / technical exploration instead of being about music and composition. I really don't know yet what to make out of this, it feels very unreleasable (is there such a word?) but also not something that is easy to take somewhere else, to produce further.
Having said that, i have enjoyed listening to this material. I went through about 25 hours of these loop recordings this summer while driving car to far north thousands of kilometers, and picked up some more interesting bits out.

I still have an idea to eventually work this material into an album, but time will tell. Meanwhile, i will start putting out these rough cuts for subscribers. Please do not treat them as finished piece of music. And if you're not into demoing and in-process please just ignore this series.

Thanks for getting to the end of this longest-ever text i have written here!



released October 30, 2020


all rights reserved



Vladislav Delay

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